Wednesday, 7 December 2011


When Hits2U launched advertising services 1998 the Internet marketing industry had already experienced an amazing growth in the number of sites providing advertising services. Every member that joins Hits2u is encouraged to promote our service to earn advertising credits for their advert. We will show you how Hits2u members that are not in GDI will help build your GDI business for you!

Hits2u has not always had a 3 step sign-up process. The Hits2u Duplication System was Born!

Now it’s time to Reveal Your Hits2u Duplication System!

Your Hits2u Duplication System actually started to form way back in the beginning of your Hits2u application. This unique Hits2u ID# is used in a URL that we give to you to promote the Hits2u FREE advertising service.
Here is the URL for Your to Join and start to earn with $0.00 investment at the on set PLEASE HIT ON THIS LINK TO MAKE $200.00

The next major part of the Duplication System will be created after you submitted the GDI user ID’s in Step 2.

Once the system confirmed your GDI details it automatically created your very own Hits2u Duplication System. The system will now put your GDI link in the Step 2 process!
The system knows you referred these new members and will place your GDI link in Step 2!
Just by referring others to our FREE advertising service you are Automatically Building Your GDI Business!

To your success

Akinnuoye O Williams

Saturday, 3 December 2011


ONLINE JOBS PALACE: PAY PER CLICK (PCC) TOOLS: Before analyzing online jobs, we need to discuss the deficiency and efficacy, that is why am starting with the PCC tools. The Hottest PPC ...


Before analyzing online jobs, we need to discuss the deficiency and efficacy, that is why am starting with the PCC tools.

The Hottest PPC Tools are SEO, best Keyword and Click Fraud Detecting Tool, and I will take them one by one so that those clicking, the Media and the Advertising firms would benefit from this article

Search Engines
The search engines are primarily one of the best sources for targeted traffic to your website. Organic search engine optimizations are the resorts of some web-masters for better search engine ranking and positioning, therefore, before any blogger embark on floating a blog or website for blogging, S/he must ascertain if the title of the blog and the beginning URL words are popularly sought online; when such are found among the hottest sought words on Organic Search Engines (SEO) like Google, followed by Bing Search – Microsoft's entry into the burgeoning Search and Yahoo Search - all the three cited above and a host of other are available for free; and many others are not free check this out @ However, for those who wish instant visibility and better ranking on the search engines, pay per click advertising is the favorite resort.

With PPC advertisement, your website can appear on the search results for as many as long as the keywords and key phrases of your choice are on the most sought words on the Search Engine. The Keywords allow you to get more targeted site traffic instantly. But Pay Per Click needs effective management as well. Without proper PPC management, you might just be wasting time and money.

Therefore Pay Per Click advertising firms, individuals and the mass media managing the PPC will bring success to PPC campaigns when done accordingly
To help you maximize the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising, here are some of the latest PPC tools that you can use:

Keyword Analyzer

The Keyword Analyzer helps online advertisers generate highly featured words from a search term entered. Surfers must feed the words into the analyzer to obtain results.
There is certainly no need to spend several hours looking for possible keywords to be used on your campaign. Keywords are easily obtained with Keyword Analyzer. one of the webs that offer this service i

Click Fraud Detection – A Warning to the Clickers

Click Fraud Detection is designed for pay per click to identify which ads clicks are invalid and who the frauds are. This online advertising tool aids in detecting click frauds. Many sites offer this service for free trail and with, indicates there are over 500 plus tools available in today's market offering this once-over. With this, advertisers are assured of not paying for clicks that will not be converted to immediate sales or near future sales . The Fraud Detection tools prevent click frauds as well. Fraud perpetrators be warned!

Overture Keyword Builder Tool

When you have generated a lot of keywords, save them for proposition use, in that most of the Keyword displayed by the Search Engine should feature at least 5 times in each article you write. This attracts the Search Engine easily, it will enable higher ranking easily

Overture Keyword Builder Tool gives no room for guess work on on-line marketing and on-line jobs.

To you success